Rental Rate of UT Condos

Investment Property

Many people whether or not they attend UT are looking for monthly income streams that also appreciate in value over time.
What location has a constant demand for rentals and is increasing in value?
Oh…perhaps a college campus in an urban setting with 80% of the student body forced to find off campus housing due to a short supply of on campus housing options!
See University of Texas at Austin – enrollment and housing statistics –

Here is the average asset value of a 2 bedroom condo property near UT over the past 10 years:

Rental Rate of UT Condos
The rental demand stays high for these purchased condos even with all of the new campus area rental unit construction going on. The rental price per bedroom for new construction is so high that paying a mere $800 per bed in rent at an older condo looks like a bargain in this area near UT.

People that bought a condo unit in 2006 for about $160,000 (now worth about $220,000) are getting around $1600 in rent in 2016. This asset provides great monthly cash flow while still appreciating in value

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